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Septic testing Septic Inspections

Find out more about your septic system

Since 1960, our locally owned and operated septic cleaning service has provided reliable cleaning for homes and businesses. Call to inquire about our competitive rates!

Most septic system are out of sight but perform essential functions. Make sure you know where your septic system is located so you can get your tank pumped and inspected. We will map the location of any septic tanks on your property and insure they are in working order.

Real estate inspections

Are you a seller? Septic system inspections enhance the home's value and may help avoid any liability for a malfunctioning system.


Are you a buyer? An inspection may help you know the location of your septic system and to avoid the expense of repairs.


Contact us to schedule a real estate septic system inspection for your home or business.

Inspections and testing

Our inspection service includes testing your system for proper function. We will determine the last time the tank was pumped, the current sludge level in your tank, and if there is liquid waste leaking from the system.


If your system is in need of maintenance or repair, we will let you know what needs to be done to get your system working at peak performance again.

Trust in our more than 50 years of septic experience